20 Things I Learned In 20 Years

I had a blog prior to this one called Filleosophie in which I wrote about literally everything I was thinking about or wanted to discuss. This included film and book reviews, playlists, poetry, analytical opinion pieces on feminism, education, love, life, career…and the list goes on. Of course, revisiting those pieces now, the quality is nowhere near what I can write today, but that was beside the point. And the best part of that was the fact that I had an online time capsule for me to look back on at any point in the future and get an insight into what I was like in those years.

At 16 I was most concerned about not losing my essence as I get older (inevitable Breakfast Club reference) and we all lose track of time as it passes and we change, unknowingly or otherwise, and every month or year or decade we’re a different version of the self we once were. So I thought I would join the cliché bandwagon and make this list, in honour of my angsty, ambitious and unapologetic sixteen year old self.

• XX things I’ve learned in XX years •

I. Not everyone’s going to like you, and that’s okay.

II. Put the metaphorical oxygen mask on first before you put it on others.

III. Friendships are about quality not quantity. 

IV. Consuming content strategically to inspire myself to create.

V. I am blessed to have my family. Tell them how much you appreciate them, and love them, and don’t slack on sending pictures!

VI. Use the incognito window when booking flights. Capitalism will eat you up alive, otherwise. 

VII. A working gap year would’ve been a much better option for me. Higher education is for when I’m rollin in that ca$h money

VIII. Love is an action, not a sole sentiment. Harness and nurture it when it arrives.

IX. I surprisingly enjoy cooking. Only when I don’t have to, though.

X. Money management is a life-long mission. No matter how much I save I will still be broke at least one day a month. But I’m a lot better at it.

XI. How to make a beat on Logic! And actually like it!!??

XII. How to apply for jobs and go to interviews like it’s no big deal.

XIII. Don’t overthink what you want to do. Just do it. Knowing myself, I’ve already thought about it 100 times before I decided that I want it, past that point, don’t put it off. 

XIV. Travelling is the best thing to spend your money on as that experience has been the most soul enriching for me.

XV. Set multiple alarms and give yourself at least 30 minutes for some extra sleep. You have the potential to be a non-grumpy morning person!

XVI. Be mindful about your moods and your thoughts. If they affect those around you, be sure to explain and apologise when necessary. But most of all, make sure they’re not damaging to you.

XVII. Spotify Premium is worth it. So is Netflix. 

XVIII. It’s okay to say no or ask to be paid when people want you to do work for free. 

XIX. Knowing full-well that I can be alone with myself and my thoughts and push through the ‘loneliness’ factor

XX. How to be less impatient. Good things are worth waiting for. You’re not trapped in a waiting room, you’re on the way, so make it count. 

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