Here’s To Fresh Beginning!

Quite recently I picked up my journal after not seeing it for a few months. I just felt the need to mark the day I felt I was experiencing a very real new beginning. Some random day in September. No date-related significance. Just a feeling I had, that this was a new era of mine and there was going to be change and I had to ride the wave. Few months later, we had New Year’s eve and by then so much had changed. January 1st didn’t feel like January 1st. I was almost running on my own calendar and for me it had been 4 months of pure change that a night out in Amsterdam was just a highlight among many truly overwhelming experiences – pleasant and otherwise.

I guess one cannot celebrate the future without taking a moment with the past. I thought I would give my little temporarily abandoned journal a moment in the spotlight after leaving it for online-based content, considering my increased contact with writing on a schedule. Ironically, it’s titled ‘déjà vu’.

There’s this weird sense to writing online that does not quite feel intimate for me anymore. After running my first attempt at a blog/website that I started at 15 and abandoned a month after my 19th birthday.

Note: The last draft I have on that Blogger account right now was written 16 days before my 20th birthday. I think I’ve gotten accustomed to reflecting more on my birthday than I do at NYE. I’m such a loser, but whatever.

the 2017 making it happen post is v Russ – “Do It Myself” while the last draft is like i didn’t even deserve a name 

I wanted to put 6 little resolutions for myself here, now that I’ve done reminiscing justice. I want to try something new this year and set truly honest resolutions. Who could’ve known that was revolutionary. Well, it is. All in all, by my next refresh, whenever that is, I would like to:

  1. Buy a memory card because mine has been driving me mad.

Oops. Wrong list.

  1. Finish my poetry compilation. As in capital F, in bold Finish.
  2. Stick to my priorities at least 75% of the time.*
  3. Complete a music-oriented project
  4. Complete a film-oriented project (5 extra brownie points if #3 and #4 are together)
  5. Master the art of saving
  6. Read at least twice a week. Read wherever and whenever works.

I will be getting back to my Instagram after a little mishap with my phone from NYE. Of course. And although the baby I’m using right now finesses the job, the camera just ain’t feeling me.

I am also working on three Spotify playlists right now.**

My other mildly abandoned side-hustle is YouTube; I’d tell you what the vibe’s like there, but I can also just show you.

Overall, this is what I make, this is what I’m about and what you can expect from me on this platform is a great extent of transparency and a whole lot of experimentation. So here’s to fresh beginnings.


*Hiba’s dishing some cold hard numbers here. I don’t know how to measure that empirically for you to comprehend, but I will know when I’m below (or above). 

**If anyone who works at Spotify is reading this, by some miracle, I think you should hire me. Because I’m putting in my 40(+) hours a week.


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