Tunes of the Month / January

Happy February! Last month I consumed more musical content than I thought could be possible in 31 days & thought I’d make a lil ‘hall of fame’ for my favorites in hopes of maybe hitting y’all up & potentially being recommended something fresh by you, gracious reader.

Lo-Fi, Lo-Fi, Lo-Fi

If you’re looking for something chill & light to bump in the background while you read, hop in bed, take a bath, do assignments, go for a walk, or just exist, this genre will keep you great company. The best part about this genre is the r a n g e of options available everywhere.

Fave Tracks:


A new addition to my all-time favorites has got to be this kid. American rapper from Sacramento with a super fresh and authentic perspective and flow w/a jazzy vibe. Talent beyond belief from somebody incredibly relatable. Definitely worth a listen.

Fave Tracks:

Mac Miller

I’m super late to this party, even though I’ve been listening to Mac for years. But lately, I’ve been digging into music production and his trajectory was a source of motivation/inspiration. The Divine Feminine is a remarkable album with its super jazzy feel (I clearly have a type) but his mixtapes Faces and K.I.D.S. are equally worth a listen. The other day I stalked his YouTube channel for fun, watched his ultra retro freestyles and realized he definitely belonged on this list.

Fave Tracks:

Mura Masa

Another in-depth discovery thanks to my new love for and lack of knowledge on music production. This kid’s got character, talent and has collaborated with Stormzy & A$AP Rocky, making him a definite contender for my faves list. Also. He’s 21. Everyone on this list is so young it actually makes me feel inadequate lol. Also his videos are sick AF and I’ve been taking some serious notes.

Fave Tracks:


No surprises here! Also definitely not on the early train, either. SZA has made up a big chunk of my listening lately and her album CTRL lives on vivaciously on my playlists. Besides the fact that she herself is an icon, she comes together with one of my GOAT nominees on ‘All The Stars’ and goddamn do they kill it.

Fave Tracks:


I’m gonna stop myself right there before I get too carried away. Hit me up with who would make your list and if anybody out there has any music production tips for a total amateur, enlighten me s’il vous plait!

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